Artist Statement

Home Light of Sun Dance 2016

Growing up in New England, I ached for the sun to appear in springtime, giving way to the dreary gray winter days. Sunshine filled me with energy, mentally and physically. It was then no surprise I chose to move to Phoenix, Arizona. I immediately felt the intensity of the sun with the continuous days of bright light; I felt newer and lighter just like springtime.

Bright rays of sunlight fill my home. Patterns appear in circles, squares, and rectangles through fabrics, over furniture and at times reflecting off mirrors casting new and various light objects onto other objects. Everything glows. It seems as though the sun is dancing and playing as it fluidly arches and stretches through the windows and over walls, doors and floors. Each day is different as the sun is never in the same spot each day; all is new and light.

Home Light of Sun Dance captures the playfulness and interplay of the moving external sunlight with the static internal objects with my home. Each image is a specific moment of time to dance and play with sun and with light; never to repeat but always to renew.

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet

and the winds long to play with your hair."

Khalil Gibran